The large international exhibiton called "Contemporary Japanese graphics" will be opene for public in the Art Gallery Dubrovnik on Thursday, June 4th at 8:00 PM. Also, for those willing to find out first hand how these prized Japanese works are created, two graphic designers, Shu Ueno and Toshiya Suzuki will host a lecture about their work on Friday, June 5th.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see 32 of the most distinguished representatives of Japanese contemporary graphics. The exhibiton was created through an agreement with the Japanese authors, by Leon Zakrajšek, a student of Japanese art himself and one of the few "foreigners" given the opportunity as a scholarship recipient to enter this relatively closed and select circle of Japanese graphics, and at the behest of the Art Gallery Dubrovnik, or rather its curator Vesna Delić Gozze who proposed this project. The selection process was done in agreement with professor Harumi Sonoyama who is one of the worlds leading litographers and Leon Zakrajšeks teacher from 1997.-1998.

A selection of this scope is a rare sight in Europe. Most of the exhibitors are members of the famed JPA, Japan Print Association, while a few are independent members of Japans modern graphic movement. All authors share a universal way of expressing the perfection of graphic technique, which joins the rich tradition from the time of Ukiyo and Sosaku graphics with todays contemporary ways. The combination of ancient and modern saw the inclusion of varying techniques into one language which made works by these authors masterpieces, each work representing their artists views on nature and tradition; the result a recognizable art language. 

The listed artists will each show two of their works in the Art Gallery Dubrovnik:

  • Junji AMANO
  • Yoshito ARICHI
  • Tomoko BABA
  • Ryuta ENDO
  • Hiroko FURUYA
  • Fuki HAMADA
  • Mitsuru HIRAKI
  • Ryoji IKEDA
  • Teruo ISOMI
  • Yuko IWAKIRI
  • Seiko KAWACHI
  • Keisei KOBAYASHI
  • Noriaki KONDOH
  • Hisashi KURACHI
  • Mayumi MORINO
  • Tetsuya NODA
  • Marie OKADA
  • Tadayoshi NAKABAYASHI
  • Atsuo SAKAZUME
  • Kuniko SATAKE
  • Teruyo SATO 
  • Misako SHIMIZU
  • Harumi SONOYAMA
  • Hiroyuki SUZUKI
  • Toshiya SUZUKI
  • Shu UENO
  • Nagisa YAGI
  • Ayomi YOSHIDA
  • Taisuke YUKI


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