Visitors and citizens of Dubrovnik will have the chance to enjoy a rich entertinment program to celebrate New Year's Eve. The program itself will host the stars of the Croatian music scene, Severina and the band Silente, that will provide the atmosphere to celebrate the start of 2016 in the best possible way.

The rich musical and entertainment program begins on Wednesday, December 30th on Stradun where the Dubrovnik rock groups Valetudo and DaRiva will start with their concerts.

On New Year's Eve, December 31st, starting from 10 AM, Dubrovnik's very own Klapa Ragusa, together with the brass band and Libertas choir will give a proper send off to 2015 with traditional Dubrovnik carols, a cocktail show and the mayor's official congratulation message. There is also a New Year's celebration for children beginning at noon where Severina will provide entertainment so that children of all ages can celebrate together. Severina will also be the main star of the evening's program and will, together with the famous Dubrovnik band Silente and DJ Kameny provide the needed entertainment to enter the New Year in the best possible way.

The special treat for the visitors of the city will be the New Year's concert of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, taking place on Stradun on the first day of 2016. with the best classical compositions that will add to the unforgettable time spent with the Dubrovnik New Year's program.

On the night of January 1st, the program continues with an evening concert of the folk groups Šufit and Cambi that will end the program and fully usher in the new year with their songs.



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