The uniqueness of Dubrovnik is visible in the month of giving when our city organizes a Christmas Fair.
The fair will be held in the beautiful atrium of the Convent of St. Claire and will feature traditional craftsmen who will display their handicrafts, Christmas ornaments, candles, toys, glassworks, embroidery, ceramics and porcelain, and everything that the artists make by hand for the holiday season. Also there will be Christmas cookies and sweets, roasted candied almonds, candied orange peels ˝arancini˝, traditional Dubrovnik sweets like the quince cheese ˝kontonjata˝, and other delicacies that are prepared for this festive time. Enriched with the sound of Christmas songs, the Christmas Fair will be open from 2 December 2014 till 6 January 2015.
By the sounds of traditional Dubrovnik carols, we wish all of our
visitors a joyous holiday season!