Mljet aerial panorama with sailboats

Summer, Dubrovnik Riviera and a boat of any kind


Walking and exploring the locations of the Rivera on foot is quite fun, don’t get us wrong, but something even more special is hiding just at your grasp. Want to know more?

Croatia is quite proud of its indented shoreline and an impressive number of islands, islets, reefs and ridges. Combined, there are exactly 1244 of the detached pieces of land in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. Many small ports, marinas and peaceful coves are the perfect places for safe anchorage. Regardless of how many days you are spending on the sea, (not all can stay a week long) there is quite a lot you can fit in just one day. And you have options. Speed boats, sailboats, small boats, kayaks, panorama boats and of course passenger ships running on a predefined schedule. All sounds familiar? Well, how about historic boats. How would you like to cruise the islands or just go for a swim surrounded by history revived? You will just have to choose between the magnificent replicas of a galleon and Argosy ship from the times of the Dubrovnik Republic. Either way, it will be a truly unique experience.

If you are just renting a boat and going out to the sea alone, regardless of your experience, you should consult with a local skipper to fill you in with detailed information about the surrounding area.

Let’s start, there is much we have to cover.

Starting at the most southern spot of the county, Prevlaka, you will not find many islands, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have places to visit or see. Steep cliffs end in beautiful coves and beaches such as Pendža and Pasjača, the latter being voted the most beautiful in Europe in 2019. It is a significant way down, but worth every step. Making your way to Dubrovnik and sailing near Cavtat, you will encounter two uninhabited islands which are home to numerous seagulls surrounded by crystal clear sea. Go for a swim. Lokrum is our next stop. Its rich history and the tale of the Lokrum curse are stories worth your attention.

The Elaphiti Archipelago is next. Made up of several islands and islets, Kalamota, Lopud and Šipan are the largest. All three inhabited and places of beautiful history, coves, beaches and untouched nature. The food is exceptional also. All very nice spots to take a break and stop for lunch.

Mljet follows, but Pelješac, the second largest peninsula of Croatia, is there as well. With these two, there is no way of figuring out what to say or which to put first. Mljet, with its national park, two lakes and the isle with the Monastery of St. Mary or Pelješac with its wine roads, Ston’s stone walls and exceptionally beautiful (and tasty) cuisine.

Lastovo. There is so much to stay. Did you know that Lastovo is one of the least light-polluted places in the world? The night sky as seen from Lastovo’s mount Hum is deemed by scientists to be the darkest in entire Europe. Therefore, Lastovo could be proclaimed the first starry night park.

There is a bit of bias here, but sailing around Korčula is the best in the Adriatic. It is a true sailors paradise. Stunni ng coastlines are just waiting to be explored. So you don’t get tangled up in the winds of the Pelješac Channel there is a local sailing and windsurfing school that offered sailing courses for beginners all summer. If you charter your own boat, the local marina offers berths to safely moor your boat,  making Korčula the ideal destination for a sailing holiday.


We got all the largest places covered, but we all know the best things are hidden in the details. The caves, the dents, the underwater experience. You’ll just have to see it for yourself. In the meantime, let us lour you with some pictures.

Enjoy and if you feel up for it, share your pictures with us and tell us something about your experiences.