pink and white flowers

Spring time


To get things straight right away, we love every season nearly the same. There is plenty to look forward to in winter and autumn, but the Mediterranean spirit is a sunny, bright and warm one. There is that one point everyone reaches in January where you’ we just had enough of nighttime. That is usually around the same time the day starts to get longer. You can’t miss this marvellous thing even if you tried. Waking up in the morning to go to work you encounter the early morning brighter, the temperature a bit higher, the winds a bit easier going and the sea calmer. The songs of birds get more versatile, and the branches which were left bare by the cold of the winter start blooming again. Through this open spring door, you can almost smell Summer in the air.

The Neretva valley starts flourishing, the rivers slow down their flow, and you can once again accidentally get wet while walking along the riverbed at Konavle and waiting for your lunch at the terrace of your favourite restaurant. The stone of the Dubrovnik streets shines a brighter colour and warms up more easily as the sun shines more strongly. The streets are fuller and the cafes a bit busier, but not too much. Exchanging the inside with the outside makes all the difference for having a coffee or tea, doesn’t it?

Islands, while seemingly in the distance in the winter, become a bit closer and it is quite easy to decide to take a day trip to one of them. A long walk amongst the trees which lead up to a most beautiful sand beach at Lopud or a bit of a longer boats ride to Lastovo to get to marvel upon the starry night sky unparallel to any other place in this part of Europe. You will have to spend the night, obviously. If spending the night is a bit too much for your taste, you have to visit Trsteno. The botanical garden, the architecture of that place and then the view upon the nearby islands and the open sea will take your mind to a haven.

So you don’t think that there is always sun we have to prepare you for the possibility of rain. What to do then? Plenty. Museums, exhibitions, bus rides to nearby places, dinner at a fine restaurant, shopping for homegrown fruit and vegetables at the local markets.

Look around, get yourself intrigued by history, by the architecture, the poetry and nature. Ask around, offer a smile and expect beautiful things to happen.

And here is one tip for the road, if it rains in Dubrovnik but the sky doesn’t seem so gloomy, chances are it’s not raining at Konavle or Pelješac, and they are not so far away. Be open for adventures and allow yourself to have the best time.

Hello, spring it is nice to see you again!