Croatian Island Product

“The Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds continues the implementation of the project related to visual marking of island products with the “Croatian Island Product” label initiated in the beginning of 2007 to encourage island producers to produce original and quality products.

Taking into consideration the National Island Development Programme and the Islands Act, it took a couple of years to prepare the project. The main objective is to identify and distribute quality island products which will be recognised as such both in Croatia and abroad. These products result from island tradition, research and development, innovation and invention with a quantifiable level of quality. They come from restricted island localities and are produced in small batches.

The decision on the award of the label is made by an independent technical commission whose members are acclaimed Croatian experts in their respective areas. The label is only awarded to those products which comply with all requirements as prescribed. The final decision is made by the Minister, who observes the proposal of the Project Council. Since the “Croatian Island Product” label has been awarded for the past seven years (the catalogue features the label-awarded products in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014), the initial intention of this project has  been fully accomplished. The self-employed island producers have been encouraged to create products of outstanding quality and to remain on our islands, and in turn, the consumers have been able to try out and taste new products and assure themselves of their excellence.” – Croatian Island Product

List of Croatian Island Product distributors/owners:

1KorčulaObrt “Cukarin”Smiljana MatijacaHrvatske bratske zajednice bb, Korčula020/711 055, 098/432
2BlatoBlato 1902 DDDijana NobiloTrg dr. Franje Tuđmana 2, Blato020/ 851,
3Vela LukaFranica MandićFranica MandićUlica 53 br. 19/1, Vela Luka098/ 906
4LastovoPZ “Prijatelji Lastova”Darinka Krnčević, upraviteljicaPušćet bb, Lastovo020/ 801 181 091/ 446
5OrebićObrt “Likeri Antunović”Anto AntunovićŠetalište Škvar 6, Orebić020/ 713 227 092/ 205 3380 091/ 561
6StonObrt “Natura Dalmacija”Nikola ĐuračićHodilje 26, Ston099/ 677
7Obrt “Kolarin”
8Kuna PelješkaPZ Pelješki vinogradarAnto Palihnić, upraviteljKuna 96, Kuna Pelješka020/ 742 044 091/ 518
9JanjinaPelješki vrhovi, poljoprivredna zadruga JanjinaNedo Vitković, upraviteljJanjina 68, Janjina020/ 741 101 098/ 345
10StonVinarijaRoberto BarovićMetohija 11, Ponikve098/435 804robertob@net.hr
11OrebićOPG “Marušić Ante”Ante MarušićMokalo 15, Orebić020/ 713 142 097/ 751
12KućišteOPG “Nedjeljka Jurin”Nedjeljka JurinKućiš
13OskorušnoOPG “Mato Antunović”Mato AntunovićPrivor 3, Oskorušno020/ 742 277 098/ 187