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September Picture

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With the 9th month past, we find ourselves a bit confused and stricken by October. The tempestuous mask it put on right from the start begun its reign fiercely.

Although we can not say it took us by surprise when experience has thought all of us living at the Riviera exactly what must happen eventually, the winds; well they always come unannounced and after Summer unwanted almost by everyone. Nevertheless, the darker shades of the blue sea and above it the almost forgotten purple-bluish grey clouds building up in the distance (alarming to the upcoming storm) have an irresistible charm.

However, the picture we are painting today was taken in the time in between the peak of Summer and the late bloomer that is Autumn here at the Riviera. (And we say late bloomer because it almost seems as if Spring has started again in September). In the time Summer slowly starts to Fall off the moments we take with us at the end of each day. Oh, September, if only you could have lasted just one bit longer. It would have been beautiful if just a few more soules could have taken you in and dreamt about you – but- let us not cry over spilt milk. There is always next year or, quite possibly, October!

With fewer people than at the peak of the season roaming the streets and with air and sea temperatures higher than one would need for all those «Summer activities»,  September makes it to the top of the list of months you should visit the Riviera in – in our book at least.

For all of you who appreciate the tranquillity and a special zen kind of vacation, we assure you that you’ll find everything to achieve it at the Dubrovnik Riviera in the so-called postseason. The days are shorter, yes, but the sunsets are longer and the way they change the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Almost painted like, the light shade of blue sky accented with scattered clouds lightly fading away at the ends at sundown is perhaps the most photographed sight in all the seaside towns. Also, it is a situation which builds up frustration. However hard you try, if you are no professional photographer, and perhaps not even then, will you be able to capture that moment. Our suggestion, take a moment without your phone, put it away, find a bench or just sit on the waterfront and take it all in. The picture imprinted on your soul will make for beautiful dreams and stories to tell your friends and family about.


Just now, I realise, how bearly thinking about the past month has set the tone of this piece strongly poetic and we haven’t even come to the food yet. The cuisine is versatile any time of the year, but there is something special in fresh figs, grapes, mandarins, apples and so many other fruit and vegetables. The fragments of past times can be seen most in cookery. Almost every house has a special liqueur recipe and they make it old style in jars with homemade schnapps and lots of sugar which then ripens in the sunlight. Some will argue that the schedule of the stirring ritual is the key for making extraordinary liqueurs but we reckon it’s mostly in the quality of the fruit. Hardly anything goes to the bin, even the peel of citruses is used. It is going to be cooked, dried and then coated with a layer of sugar. Sweetest vitamins ever!

As the crowdedness has subsided you can enjoy the mood and the setting of all places in greater intimacy and that goes for restaurants and cafes also. Don’t be alarmed if the mussels are smaller, they are still delicious although it’s not exactly their most impressive time. Fish is as fresh as can be as the fisherman have more time ( and space) to be at sea.

It’s quite easy to get around also. Excursions are recommended always. Only then will you be able to see how versatile the landscape of the Riviera is. We can go on about it for ages and we wouldn’t be able to explain it fully. As a picture counts for a thousand words, with the ones that follow this article will account for a million at least.


Love from the Riviera.