beach at Crkvice, Peljesac

Roadtrip to Pelješac

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Two days into the official start of Summer the vista has changed significantly. The outlines of the landscape have remained but the view upon the streets is somewhat different. In these challenging times, we find ourselves motivated to work more to bring you closer to the amazing things we get to experience on a daily bases.

With a bit more spare time on our hands, we set a goal to bring you closer to the places we want you to see, and fall in love with as soon as you get the chance. Today we will take a road trip from Dubrovnik to Pelješac.

We have written about this, the second-largest peninsula of Croatia before, but each time we visit it gives us something new. As soon as you turn from the main road onto Pelješac the surrounding starts changing. The green hits you right away. Although you might now that this place is home to more than 1100 different plant species you can’t exactly figure out what that means before you feast your eyes with so many shades of green once your there.
Entering Ston, right at the beginning of the peninsula, you will know you’ve come to a special place. The architecture just sings songs of the rich history and the stone walls of Ston make you stop for a while. We can only describe it as excitement, nothing less. Stop for a coffee or brunch.

The road will take you up and down, revelling so many different views along the way. Villages settled at the banks of large vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens have you thinking you are more inland than you are. Then, all of a sudden, you find that you are on the top of a hill offering a magnificent view of fisherman settlements located in protected bays looking upon the sea and Mljet (or Korčula further up the peninsula).
Then through the forests and gardens of green again down the same road that continues its way just along the seashores. Breathtaking.
The most popular things at Pelješac, except for the beautiful beaches, bays and coves are for sure sea-food and wine. Oysters and mussels are a must when here. Much of the businesses are family-run with long traditions and experience. The perfect meal only comes together with a domestic vine which you can choose and taste right at the wineries.

Take a walk through the gallery, it will paint the picture much more accurately.