Sunrise at Cavtat

Autumn talk- the best part of Summer

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As it so comes to be every year, we have reached that part of the year when the talk of autumn begins. But, for the Riviera, the best of Summer is reserved for the Autumn part. Well, if you can even define the best part, that is.
As the day is a bit shorter and the temperature starts to reduce a bit it becomes easier on the body and soul to function. The sunsets become softer and the waves a bit sharper creating the most wonderful of pictures to take with you. The scent carried by the wind takes over and you find yourself just a tad more energized to do yet another thing that day.
The end of the Summer is the perfect time to see more of the marvels of the Riviera. One example is just an hour ride away from Dubrovnik. Ston is, in addition to being a seafood lovers paradise, the home to the oldest salt pan still used in Europe. You can watch or even help out with the harvest. The locals are not known for refusing help. Then, as you find yourself at the beginning of the Pelješac peninsula, you will not be able to refuse the urge to explore more. The surrounding immediately starts sucking you in. The greenery, only amplified by the sea, takes you along a path of an unforgettable journey. On foot, by car, or by bike, whichever you choose, you will end up full of stories to tell.

If, however, you are that type of person who loves to be fully surrounded by the sea, we have the perfect solution. Islands. But not your regular ones. Islands with small islands in them. Island nature and national parks. Islands so green and so blue, islands so lovely and sea so seethrough. Mljet, Lastovo, Elaphiti, Korčula. The way we choose? Well, the only way you can is to take a calendar and pick the dates. When you have done that, write all the islands names on pieces of paper and put them in a bag; or a hat. Take them out one at a time and there you have it. The perfect schedule. You wouldn’t want to miss any of them and if you thought we are ones to pick a favourite, well, you were wrong.

Try new things, explore the culture and history. Let the spirit of the Riviera take over and be free to experience it all. Who knows what you will find. Peace, relaxation, friendships for life, inspiration to continue or start new. Whatever it may be, we know this is the place to be. #exactlywhatyouneed #DubrovnikRiviera