panorama of the Cavtat waterfront at night

Keeping it moving

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With the wind picking up in strength today, sailboats raised sails transforming parts of the seascape into magical little pieces of art.
So, you’ we guest it; we are going on a sailing trip.

If you are still searching for the perfect Dubrovnik Riviera destination perhaps you should just pick multiple. There is something special in waking up with the sound of waves and the sun just above the horizon. If you are a boat or a sea lover, Croatia and the Dubrovnik Riviera are a natural fit. Devote a bit of time to the land of a thousand islands; you won’t regret it for sure.

With a little biased we will begin our journey with a beautiful constellation of islands. The Elaphiti Islands are the closest to Dubrovnik and are perfect for a day tour if you are on a tight schedule. Before you embark on your Elaphiti trip, be it one or all of them, take the time to go up to Srđ. A beautiful vista of Dubrovnik in front of you will only be amplified by the setting sun and the islands to your right. Through history, the Elaphiti have been known by one other name, the Stag islands. For some, from the top of Srđ they resemble a stag. When there, look for the antlers and share your pictures and impressions with us!

From there you can turn to Mljet or Pelješac. Either way, you are up for perfect days. Pelješac is a wine lovers paradise as well as the perfect place for growing, well, anything. Pelješac is home to more than 1100 different plants and trees. Mljet, on the other hand, is a place of myths, stories and underwater fairy-tale-like surroundings. The National Park makes up a third of the island and the sea surrounding it. It is the home of seemingly neverending forests which surround two lakes guarding a secret, the island of St. Mary. Mljet’s green forests are magnified by the spectre of blue of the sea, and the overall feeling of never wanting to leave is rounded by the amazing smell of aromatic herbs growing all over the island. How could Odysseus even try to resist?

Korčula is next on the list. This historic island, indented by numerous coves and bays, is the second most populated island of Croatia. It derives its charm from the everchanging landscape of rocky hills, across vineyards of white wine to the shorelines reaching with pebble beaches to the sea. Vela Luka, located in a protected inlet, is the largest town of Korčula. It is a place where memories are made.

Our last stop of the day is the greenest island, along with Mljet, of the county. Lastovo is a true paradise. Remote enough, the night sky is one of the least light-polluted in Europe which means, you can count almost all the stars of the Milky Way at night. A proclaimed nature park with the sea so clear you can count the stripes on the fish surrounding you boat at day time. It is a place where easygoing was defined.

Now, all that is left is for you to choose one, two or all. We, of course, are rooting for all! Exactly what you need; Dubrovnik Riviera.