panorama of Dubrovnik rooftops

Exclusive Interview Reveals Dubrovnik & Neretva Hotspots


Broadway Travel recently asked us to expose all of our hidden gems and reveal our essential top tips in an exclusive interview. Uncovering the best time to visit, best excursions and fun facts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We disclose all, from recommended dishes to local recipes and top areas to stay – find out the most sought-after allures of Dubrovnik and Neretva County.


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Sneak peek 

Here’s a glimpse of the questions we were asked and what you can expect…

Which Local Dishes Would You Recommend Trying?

Foodies will find themselves on a culinary journey with delicacies such as eel and frog stew on the menu. With a wealth of taverns and restaurants decorating the county, you’ll soon discover our finest dishes. From hearty game recipes to the special wild duck, known as ‘liska’ and if you head towards Ston, there’s the freshest oysters, mussels and gourmet fish waiting.

However during your stay, you must try prosciutto, cheese in oil, meat and cabbage stew from restaurants in Zupa Dubrovnik and Konavle.

Which Areas Would You Recommend Staying In?

For those who don’t mind late night noise or who want to be amidst all the action, getaways inside the city walls are a must. Everything you need is at your fingertips from major attractions to quirky bars and so much more. However, it’s a pedestrian zone so please be cautious that there’s a lot of stairs. There’s also the option to stay in the city of Dubrovnik but outside the walls, if you’d prefer a quieter atmosphere.

Seeking pure tranquility? We would suggest staying at one of the islands Mljet, Korcula Lastovo and the Elafiti archipelagos. Or, in the countryside a few kilometres out of Dubrovnik at Slano, Peninsula Peljesac, Zupa dubrovacka, Konavle region.

What Are Your 5 Top Tips For Anyone Visiting?

  1. Visit the city walls of Dubrovnik
  2. Head to Dubrovnik Cable Car at sunset
  3. Avoid sightseeing in the morning in the peak of summer, you’ll benefit more by waiting until the cruise guests have left the city in the afternoon
  4. Visit the small village of Ston, which is 50 kilometres west of Dubrovnik and famous for the best oysters in this part of Europe and the second largest walls in the world
  5. Try the wines, we have an extensive collection

Now you’ve got the low-down on the county’s biggest secrets, learn more about visiting here!