23rd International Economic Fair in Mostar


The Dubrovnik and Neretva County Tourist Board is participating as a co-exhibitor at the International Economic Fair held in Mostar from the 5th till the 9th of April 2022. According to the number of exhibitors and visitors, the Mostar Fair is the most successful exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is also one of the most important export markets for …

What it really means – impact on the heart


When we think about tourism and the impact it has, we are often inclined to think about numbers first. How many nights, how many outings to restaurants and bars, museums visits, tours booked, boats rented and so on. While these things help us analyse what has been done well and what needs improvement there is one aspect of tourism, perhaps …

beach at Crkvice, Peljesac

Seaside Whispers: 5 ways to fuel the spark of your relationship


Is there anything more beautiful than romance? The butterflies in your stomach, the glow in your eyes, the wide smile on your lips as soon as you think of your loved one… Love is truly the most amazing human experience. But, something so delicate, so meaningful, and so powerful needs a lot of care and effort to survive.  Do you …

panorama of the Cavtat waterfront at night

Keeping it moving


With the wind picking up in strength today, sailboats raised sails transforming parts of the seascape into magical little pieces of art. So, you’ we guest it; we are going on a sailing trip. If you are still searching for the perfect Dubrovnik Riviera destination perhaps you should just pick multiple. There is something special in waking up with the …

aerial panorama of Korčula and the surrounding



Inhabited since prehistoric times, this central Dalmatian island which stretches parallel to the Dalmatian shore is a place you simply can’t afford to miss when in Croatia. Over the centuries, Korčula had been settled and conquered by the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, French and English but Croats proved to be a constant throughout. With just over 16 thousand inhabitants, Korčula is …