What it really means – impact on the heart

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When we think about tourism and the impact it has, we are often inclined to think about numbers first. How many nights, how many outings to restaurants and bars, museums visits, tours booked, boats rented and so on. While these things help us analyse what has been done well and what needs improvement there is one aspect of tourism, perhaps …

beach at Crkvice, Peljesac

Seaside Whispers: 5 ways to fuel the spark of your relationship

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Is there anything more beautiful than romance? The butterflies in your stomach, the glow in your eyes, the wide smile on your lips as soon as you think of your loved one… Love is truly the most amazing human experience. But, something so delicate, so meaningful, and so powerful needs a lot of care and effort to survive.  Do you …

open sea and the moon near Dubrovnik

All we need is …a little bit inspiration

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Paulo Coelho said – „When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait”. In these challenging times, when uncertainty seems to be the …

panorama of the Cavtat waterfront at night

Keeping it moving

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With the wind picking up in strength today, sailboats raised sails transforming parts of the seascape into magical little pieces of art. So, you’ we guest it; we are going on a sailing trip. If you are still searching for the perfect Dubrovnik Riviera destination perhaps you should just pick multiple. There is something special in waking up with the …

Aerial photo of Dubrovnik and Lokrum from the city walls

A place you'll be coming back to your whole life

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You’ve surely already heard of Dubrovnik, and now it’s time to get to know its beautiful surroundings.  A myriad of islands, nature parks, century-old monuments and an exciting gastronomy – just a part of what the Dubrovnik – Neretva county  has to offer. While not being the largest, the Dubrovnik – Neretva county makes up for it in beauty and …

beach at Crkvice, Peljesac

Roadtrip to Pelješac

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Two days into the official start of Summer the vista has changed significantly. The outlines of the landscape have remained but the view upon the streets is somewhat different. In these challenging times, we find ourselves motivated to work more to bring you closer to the amazing things we get to experience on a daily bases. With a bit more …

pink and white flowers

Spring time

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To get things straight right away, we love every season nearly the same. There is plenty to look forward to in winter and autumn, but the Mediterranean spirit is a sunny, bright and warm one. There is that one point everyone reaches in January where you’ we just had enough of nighttime. That is usually around the same time the …

panorama of Dubrovnik rooftops

Exclusive Interview Reveals Dubrovnik & Neretva Hotspots

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Broadway Travel recently asked us to expose all of our hidden gems and reveal our essential top tips in an exclusive interview. Uncovering the best time to visit, best excursions and fun facts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We disclose all, from recommended dishes to local recipes and top areas to stay – find out the most …

aerial image of the Dubrovnik port

Dubrovnik Stories

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Dubrovnik is a place of a million stories and legends, and some of them are the topic of today. The most current archaeological investigations prove that a settlement existed in the same place where Dubrovnik stands today in the 6th century. After becoming free of the Venetian influence with the contract of Zadar in 1358, Dubrovnik started to pave its …

aerial panorama of Korčula and the surrounding


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Inhabited since prehistoric times, this central Dalmatian island which stretches parallel to the Dalmatian shore is a place you simply can’t afford to miss when in Croatia. Over the centuries, Korčula had been settled and conquered by the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, French and English but Croats proved to be a constant throughout. With just over 16 thousand inhabitants, Korčula is …

sailboat in Cavtat

September Picture

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With the 9th month past, we find ourselves a bit confused and stricken by October. The tempestuous mask it put on right from the start begun its reign fiercely. Although we can not say it took us by surprise when experience has thought all of us living at the Riviera exactly what must happen eventually, the winds; well they always …

Mljet aerial panorama with sailboats

Summer, Dubrovnik Riviera and a boat of any kind

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Walking and exploring the locations of the Rivera on foot is quite fun, don’t get us wrong, but something even more special is hiding just at your grasp. Want to know more? Croatia is quite proud of its indented shoreline and an impressive number of islands, islets, reefs and ridges. Combined, there are exactly 1244 of the detached pieces of …


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Today we are exploring one more extraordinary location in the far south part of the Riviera, in the Konavle region. This small town, founded in the 6th century by the Greeks had a number of names throughout its existence. Epidaurus, Ragusa Vecchia or Zaptat. Today, Cavtat is a sort of a mirror image of its more known neighbor Dubrovnik, with …

Dubrovnik Named to List of World’s Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations for 2017

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Those who have been to Dubrovnik (or are fortunate enough to call it home) know it’s one of the best places to experience ancient architecture, panoramic sea views, mouthwatering cuisine and rich Eastern European culture in a single destination. However, until recently, it seems that our piece of paradise has been overshadowed by more famous travel destinations throughout Europe. That’s …

Pelješac – a paradise for all senses

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An hour drive away from Dubrovnik you will get to the point at which Peljšac and the mainland connect. From that point, the second largest peninsula of Croatia extends parallel to the mainland in 77 km of length. History The Dubrovnik Republic came into possession of Pelješac in 1333 and it remained in their jurisdiction until the end of the …