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18. maja 2023. - 02. czerwca 2023.
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18. maja 2023. - 02. czerwca 2023.

Pelješac Captains' Festival

The Mimbelli Square is ready for the Pelješac Captains’ Festival

The beautiful, recently renovated Mimbelli Square in Orebić is ready to welcome the guests coming for the opening of the first of the three summer festivals – the Pelješac Captains’ Festival. The program of this year’s event is also ready: on day one, 18 May, a free guided tour of Orebić titled “Living History” will take place together with music shows, a majestic captains march and an offer of desserts prepared by the Cancer League.

In addition, the Maritime Museum will host a shipbuilding exhibition with free entrance until 15 June. During the 15 days of the Pelješac Captains’ Festival, locals and guests will be able to enjoy harmony singing nights (klapske večeri), the première of the theatre comedy “The Octopus” (“Hobotnica”) performed by the Amateur Theatre Group “Kušina”. To wrap up the event, a seafarers’ evening will take place back on the Mimbelli Square featuring live music, fried fish and, of course, Pelješac wines.

As much as 2,000 seamen, 250 captains and 90 sailing ships

This year, Pelješac is expecting a record-breaking number of caterers, winemakers and seashell farmers, as much as 50 of them, taking part in all of the three festivals. As before, the best traditional Pelješac meals will be offered at popular prices, and Pelješac’s winemakers will make sure at least one wine brand is offered at a discounted price.

Orebić used to be the maritime centre of the Mediterranean; apart from Piraeus and Hamburg, it was the only city ships greeted with sirens. The locals would respond by waving sheets from the coast, sounding the bells from the Franciscan Monastery of our Lady of Angels and by firing from the cannon from today’s building of the Maritime Museum in Orebić. As many as two thousand seafarers, 250 captains and 90 sailing boars from the Pelješac Riviera will gather to present the highlights of the local tradition throughout the three upcoming events.

The Pelješac Captains’ Festival, dedicated to the seafaring tradition, is an excellent way to open the summer season, while the Festival of Pelješac Flavours will introduce the guests to the spirit of the Dalmatian south – through none other than its flavours. However, if you prefer bathing in the sun and the sea in off-season, you can catch the Salt Festival in early September and wrap up the summer having great fun.

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