Skewered Sardines

Skewered sardines are an authentic Lastovo dish.

You will need:

large sardine
wooden skewer

Clean the sardines, remove the heads and the insides. Salt the cleaned fish and skewer them on the wooden skewer, then place to be cooked over the prepared embers. The sardines will cook well and won’t fall into the embers if you skewer them in a right way – spine is facing down at first, and later turn them over facing up. Grill each side for 4-5 minutes. When they are grilled remove them carefully from the skewer and place in a dish. Do not add more oil – in the summer the fish is oily enough. Just cover the dish in which you have placed them and serve after a few minutes. Eat with a salad, fresh bread and sliced onions. And of course, with a glass of good wine !

Bon apetit!