Zelena menestra, a Konavle specialty

To prepare this rich and full-flavoured traditional dish it is necessary to have a peace of good dry prosciutto on the bone, a piece of home pancetta, a smoky pork head and a piece of smoked dry mutton. Wash the meat and place into a large pot to boil. Add some lard to the water. This dish gets a much better flavour if cooked on an open fireplace. Take the meat out when cooked, strain the soup and return it back to the pot.

Place cleaned collard cabbage, green and Savoy curly cabbage as well as quartered potatoes to boil. Take it off the fire when fork-tender to rest for an hour. Serve together cabbages, potatoes and meat cut in pieces. This dish is more enjoyable during the colder days, preferably from October to April, the best around Christmas. Fits perfectly with red wines.